Sell a house with foundation problems in Dallas Fort Worth TX

Sell a house with foundation problems in Dallas Fort Worth TX is something that is tough to do and in some case impossible. But when you work with Affinity, that is far from the case and we are happy to buy your house as is with no extra contribution on your part. Foundation repair is a major repair that is not just thousands to fix but sometimes tens of thousands by the time it is all said and done. One very important and crucial piece of information that foundation companies repair do not like to tell their clients and never offer the information up at all, is that once the repair is done, it is up to you to put your floor back in. that is right, if you have carpet, they will happily rip it up and fix your foundation, but then leave it up for you to put back down. Same goes with tile and hardwood floors, they rip it up, repair the foundation, then you are left with the mess. These are foundation repair companies, not flooring companies, is the usual go to quote, so do not fall victim to all that, let us help you. With our process you don’t have to go through the stress, headache, or expense of repairing your foundation. We happily buy your house as it is and how it sits for a fair price that typically yields you more profit in the end than any other form of sell.

Sell a house with foundation problems in Dallas Fort Worth TX

Sell a house with foundation problems in Dallas Fort Worth TX any time you want with Affinity. If you try and go a different direction, say selling it put right, you will be required to repair the foundation yourself before a bank will finance a purchase. You can go months of working the process and it never even come up until that inspection happens, but when it does, you are going to be liable for the repair. There is a ton that goes into a repair, and a ton that is left out, as you can see from the section above. Worse still, sometimes it is tough to access the full extent of the damage and repair costs until the floors of the house are ripped up. Let us take that risk for you because an estimate is just that, an estimate. If they rip your floors up and decide that you need twice as much in repairs, you are now stuck with a twice as much bill. When you sell to us, that risk falls on our shoulders and becomes our problem, not yours, while you are free to do with the cash profit you received in days as you see fit, headache and worry free. Our process is simple, and our offer is generous to get you the money you want for your home as quickly and as easy as possible.

Sell a house with foundation problems in Dallas Fort Worth TX 2

Sell a house with foundation problems in Dallas Fort Worth TX the traditional ways is not typically done, simply because in order to that you will have to find a cash buyer that wont be putting a mortgage on the home you are selling. These buyers are few and far between, and depending on your home, selling point, and area; the cash buyers could be even farther apart. If a bank is going to be mortgaging the home for a buyer, they wont do it if it has foundation repair, meaning you would have to fix it. In that time you are stuck in that home, paying its mortgage, living with the construction, and left with the mess afterwards. Then you get to pay someone else to come in and remove the mess, then repair or completely redo you entire floor where repairs were made. This is not a pleasant experience, and not an experience we wish our clients to have to go through. Selling your home is something that some want to do, but most end up having to do for some reason or another. If you need to sell your home quickly, then going through this horrible repair process is something you do not want to do. Sell to us and we will make it easy for you to get the money fast and most of all; painless.

Sell a house with foundation problems in Dallas Fort Worth TX!

Sell a house with foundation problems in Dallas Fort Worth TX is quick, easy, simple, and actually fun! Our process takes less than 24 hours and best of all there is no obligation at any point until the final step where we close at a reputable title company. In as little as seven days later you have cash in your hands! Scared you are not going to get as much for your home as you would if you fixed the foundation and sold it yourself? Don’t be. Keep in mind that if you go that route you have to calculate the repair, a margin for repair to go up, cleanup and new floor replacement, then you have to pay for the commission of both your realtor and the realtor of the person buying the home. Next you have to pay a percent of closing costs. After you add in all that, you have to sell the home for much, much more than if you sold with us. Add to that months of process and tons of paperwork, back and forward between you and the buyer, stress and headache, and not to mention you are still paying the mortgage all this time too, which is even more cost. Cut all that nonsense out and choose Affinity. Check out our Sell my house fast in Dallas Fort Worth TX page to learn more about the process and let us help you into your new stress-free future!