Sell My House Fast in Dallas Fort Worth TX

Sell my house fast in Dallas Fort Worth TX is one of the most popular things we help our customers accomplish on a daily basis. Being able to skip the whole hassle of going through a realtor and the whole selling process is a convenience that is so amazing, you won’t believe how easy it is and how quickly we get you cash in your pocket! We understand things come up in life that make selling your house a necessity and we have designed a program to help you do just that with minimal effort and stress on your part. We are an established local company that has your best interest in mind, which is a statement no other company can make as confidently as we can. We are here to help you get top dollar for your home and can do it as quickly as you need us to. We can take the home as it is and give you a fair offer on it with no repairs or maintenance required on your behalf. We will also be happy to give you a list of items to repair in order to get you extra money for your home if you want the most for your home and do not mind taking care of the repairs yourself. Of course, doing the repairs yourself could end up costing you more in not only time to sell your home to us (because we would wait until you are ready), but you also might miss that deal on the home you want to get into from this home you are selling. On the flip side of the coin, you could also end up saving and making more on the home if you are able to do it at a lower cost than our estimates, but the time factor would still be there. If you are in a hurry, but still want more than our initial offer, you can opt to make some of the repairs that dont take too much time and we can meet you in the middle. Our program is very simple and easy to customize to meet your needs.

Sell my house fast Dallas Fort Worth TX

Sell my house fast in Dallas Fort Worth TX is something that we are proficient at and able to help you no matter where you live in the DFW area or any of the many suburbs and cities around the metroplex.  Some of the instances we have helped people with their homes are listed below:
We have helped great people like you:

  • Avoid a foreclosure with the bank
  • Sell their home quick due to job / career change
  • Sell their home fast because of a new addition to the family
  • Sell their homes in a hurry due to a divorce and split the profits between the parties if needed
  • Sell unwanted property and turn into hard cash (includes but not limited to instances such as unwanted inheritance, vacant home, a home that is behind on payments or upside down, and homes that are “ugly” and/or have too many repairs to be livable in)

There is no “book of paperwork” hassle when you work with us, that is involved when getting agents involved and selling on your own. No contracts that bind you to an agent, and we can get you paid super-fast! within less than 24 hours you can get an offer to “Sell my house fast in Dallas Fort Worth TX“.

Sell my house fast Dallas Fort Worth TX Process

Want an answer right now on how much you can get for your home if you Sell my house fast in Dallas Fort Worth TX? We got you there too! Simply call out number at 817-725-SELL (817-725-7955), and we will get you an accurate and fair offer very quickly! Our process is actually quite enjoyable and is done in just 4 easy steps (seen above). There is no cost or obligation to get the offer on your house. What makes us so great and different than the rest of the companies out there or sell the home yourself or with a realtor? Glad you asked!
When you sell to Affinity:

  1. There are ZERO commissions or fees you have to pay. On average, 6% is paid otherwise meaning if you sell a home for $250,000, then you have to pay out of your sale an average of $15,000! …but not when you use Affinity!
  2. There are ZERO closing costs. Here, the average is 2% a seller has to pay when selling their home which on the same $250k sell mentioned before is an additional $5,000 you would be liable for (on average). so now without even doing anything you will have to sell your home for over $20,000 than what Affinity offers just to break even with our offer, which is ridiculous.
  3. There is NO Inspection Contingency. 15% of sales actually fall through when using a realtor or selling yourself due to the Contingency. The contingency allows buyers to have extra time to do an inspection after agreeing to buy and then BACK OUT of the sale or negotiate a new lower price. With Affinity, this is not the case and we will always do what we say.
  4. There is NO Financing Contingency. Another part of the 15% mentioned above is because of the Financing contingency. This is where the buyer can back out due to not being able to obtain a loan for the purchase for whatever reason, including the home not appraising for the amount asked for and not enough down payment from the buyer. Since we don’t use bank financing, this will never happen when using Affinity and once again, your sell is secure with us, without incident.
  5. Sale is NOT subject to appraisal. We offer cash therefore no appraisal is necessary and not dependent on the amount we offer or you get. Our offers are fair and reasonable. Sales are subject to appraisals and many times fall through due to a home not appraising for the right amount.
  6. Sell immediately to us, no wait, hassle, or buyer “runaround”.  As mentioned before, time is a factor when selling your home. the average home in the DFW area is on the market for about 90 days or three months, give or take a few days. In this time do you really want to be showing your home or paying a mortgage on a home you don’t live in anymore? Also, having people day in and day out come into your home and end up wasting your time (and that of the realtor if you have one), especially if they are one of the 15% that fall through and ends up making the sale take even longer to happen?  With Affinity we get you paid right away and you are done, quick and easy!
  7. Close when YOU want. When you accept an offer for someone to buy your home, the closing date is roughly 30-60 days after that date (+/-). so if you were lucky enough to not have the sale fall through, and you found someone in that 90 days, it could take another 2 month just to close on it. If the offer was accepted at the 90 day mark and it takes the full 60 days to close, you are looking at a process to sell your home that has taken almost a full half of a year! do not get tied up in all of that hassle and headache. With Affinity you choose when you want to close after the offer and we close, it is that easy.

Sell my house fast in Dallas Fort Worth TX couldn’t be any easier or advantageous than with Affinity. We make it easy, we make it fun, we make it right…for you! contact us today to sell your home quickly and enjoyably.  You will be happy you did.